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1. Buhari tells you he wants to fight corruption but he is being sponsored to be president bt the high priests of corruption Like Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amechi, Bukola Saraki, Danjuma Goje, Etc

2. 17 years after Abacha’s death, his loot is still being recovered all over the world but Buhari your “Change agent” said he didn’t steal”

3. The man threatening to throw corrupt people to jail has not told the Nation what happened to the N2.8 that disappeared when he was Petroleum minister and the N27b Haroun Adamu report said was stolen from PTF under his Watch

4. Buhari Executed 3 young Nigerians for Drug peddling which did not carry death sentence when they were arrested but his godfather Today is Bola Tinubu, an international renowned drug Baron.

5. Buhari Says he want to secure Nigeria yet he was nominated as negotiator by Boko Haram and he once said the crackdown on the murderous group was an attack against the north.

6. Buhari has never hidden his desire to islamize Nigeria because of his fundamentalism whereas a multi-religious country like Nigeria must be secular state if he must enjoy peace..

7. Intellectually bankrupt Buhari hinged his his refusal to participate in the presidential debate on the fallacy that some of the organizers works for stations that have carried negative reports on him which shows he cannot be tolerant of criticism like Jonathan who has taken abuses as part of the ingredients of an open society.

8. Buhari and APC campaigned vigorously against the National conference which has moved Nigeria closer to the path of federalism… Buhari represents domination and not freedom.

9. While a leader like Jonathan has always said that his ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian, Buhari’s Utterances are incitement to murder like ” BABOON AND DOG WILL BE SOAKED IN BLOOD”

10. Buhari does not not believe in equity as supreme military council under him had only 2 Yoruba with 11 Northerners. He cancelled the Metro-Line in Lagos and paid what would have completed it as a compensation because Lagos was not in North.

11. Buhari has never put any idea across to show that he can offer Leadership in Nigeria beyond the worn out lines he has repeated in his fail outing since 2003.

12. Buhari has perjured by lying on oath about his doubtful school Certificate in the order of his University of Chicago” godfather.

Those who package Buhari as a change agent are crooks who want to take you into slavery and expand their Empire from Lagos to Nigeria at large.
Reject them and their Damaged good Buharam.

About TransformationWatch

TransformationWatch is an online news site founded by Henry Omoregie It is focused on keeping tabs on the Transformation Agenda set out by the Nigerian leadership in the Local, State and Federal Governments. My mission is to observe, analyze and report milestones or slowdowns in promised service delivery in all the facets of governance in Nigeria (2011 and beyond). Readership is open to all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria alike, regardless of Tribe, Religion or Political divide. We are all in this together


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