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The Whistle has been investigating reports and widespread outcries on the partiality displayed by INEC Officials and Agents in collaboration with opposition politicians in the ongoing PVC distribution exercise across the country. Several reports ranging from Missing PVCs, to refusal of distribution and missing voters register suggest conspiracy by the Electoral Body to ensure that voters especially people from the South East, Niger Delta and Minority or Christians in the North generally perceived to be likely voters of President Jonathan. It is now widely popular that in places especially in the North East and North West, the PVCs belonging to the people are in the hands of the Emirs and Tribal Leaders.

We hereby bring you real and verified accounts from Several Nigerians (some pictured above) who indeed have witnessed, experienced or fall into the larger category of the marginalized as the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) continues its desperate quest to wrest Power from President Jonathan as the 2015 elections beckon. Read;

Emeka Azuka Okoye

“It is now official. Nobody in my household has a PVC to vote in the 2015 nigerian elections. We will try again 2019. Buhari see you then.”
“Incredible. Someone collected my PVC after thumb printing. I have been asked to come back on monday. PS: My thumb is still with me.”
He sarcastically added;
“Note to the person who helped collect my PVC at @inecnigeria office surulere, Lagos. Please use it to vote Buhari. I no go vex. Thanks.”
Mazi Uche

@inecnigeria please those that just registered ,are they getting the PVC? Mine was missing from the LGA when can we get it (Yaba LGA)

Onyechukwu Alili
“INEC shud releas our PVC’s. How can election be conducted when 70% of Nigerian citizens in the south south and south east have not gotten their PVCs”
Dave Chiaka
“Exactly, it just doesnt make any sense. A whole batch of PVC’s are missing & @inecnigeria is hush. Can you believe it”
Yvonne Oyinsan
so my brother finally tracks down his PVC,he gets there,sees his name&picture in d register,but PVC is missing. Naija!
“I saw lots of UNILAG staff and students who I know are of South East or South South extractions whose PVC just lie uncollected at IWAYA, YABA”
Fortune Thompson
“There is a strategy not to allow people from South South and East from collecting their PVC in all d APC states”
Bola Adekoya Fagbola
“@inecnigeria The PVC for my whole ward in ilupeju mushin area of lagos is missing,our data is no longer availble. INEC is so inefficient”
Ohimai Amaize
“PVC Cards are being given to Iyalojas. If you say you are not voting Buhari, they will tell you your PVC is missing! #NigeriaDecides“
Tony Are
“it isn’t a lie. Ibos PVC apparently going missing in Lagos”
Oraye St. Franklyn
“INEC WHY? I didn’t get my PVC. My polling unit is missing. Others within the same environs got theirs”
A lot of people have not collected their PVC in South East and it is INEC’s fault. The best was the postponement. Think like a human
Tunde Leye
My friend went to get his PVC on Friday. When he got there, there was a rowdy crowd, ppl were shouting and agitating and INEC staff missing
Omoyeme Balogun
“finally spoke to d supervisor-Mrs Tolu,she placed some calls and sent some text.as courteous as can be .PVC still missing.I must vote”
Even a lady from the North, alleged that the Missing PVCs are being sold in far away Maiduguri, Borno which is an opposition stronghold.
Yax Umm Sadeeq
“Missing PVC’S sold in Maiduguri *sighs*”

“In Markudi Benue, pvc’s and registars for 9 polling unit got missing #justsayin if u live in the city and u think its rosy erywere else.”

Other accounts alleged that their missing PVCs were sent to their house address and more accounts of Southerners who are protesting the foul play and intentional disenfranchisement of their votes, they say they really wanted to vote but cannot as is.
The Whistle will continue to probe this story and bring you more developments as they unfold.


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TransformationWatch is an online news site founded by Henry Omoregie It is focused on keeping tabs on the Transformation Agenda set out by the Nigerian leadership in the Local, State and Federal Governments. My mission is to observe, analyze and report milestones or slowdowns in promised service delivery in all the facets of governance in Nigeria (2011 and beyond). Readership is open to all Nigerians and friends of Nigeria alike, regardless of Tribe, Religion or Political divide. We are all in this together


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