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Northern Youths Forum Endorses Jonathan

The Northern Youths Forum [NYF] has declared support for President Goodluck Jonathan’s presidency. The declaration came following an October 5, 2013 meeting held at the Murtala Square in Kaduna State – marking the first Northern Youth Summit.

They also warned for the likes of Asari Dokubo to desist from making comments that may overheat the polity.-

See below for the declaration –

Welcome Address By Mal. Jibril Tafida, Chairman, Northern Youth Forum At Murtala Square, Kaduna On 5th October 2013

It is a great honor to address you at this historic event and indeed a pleasure to welcome delegates from the 19 Northern States to the NYF 1st Northern Youth Summit. This is a self-sponsored program, an indication of our concern about the future of the North and Nigeria at large. Your presence will not only add value to the event, but is also another demonstration of the seriousness with which the Northern youth intend to approach the current Nigerian question.

We shall continue to strongly advance the process of transforming our society, away from its divided past. It is part of political development, that differences can exist and be expressed even about such basic matters as the essence of national cohesion. One has no doubt that such a discussion will explore underlying principles, points of view, beyond personalities and sectarian interests.

We pay tribute to our elders and statesmen both living and the dead who made sacrifices for the nation called Nigeria – for which we are all proud of .We therefore salute these heroes of our great region and the nation.

It is undeniable that the national question has never been as strong as it is at the moment. Therefore, the major contributions that we can make to the current debate is encouraging and strengthening discourse at all levels, putting our points of views and providing solutions through honorable approaches, which is the dream of our founding fathers.

We condemn all negative utterances designed to overheat the polity, without considering our diversity and corporate existence. We say no to the continuous insult of our region and people by Mujaheed Dokubo Asari and his likes. I am assuring you that he does not represent the President, neither his campaign team. No responsible person will take insult or threat as means of campaign. Politics is all about lobby, dialogue and not insult. We call on the President to take immediate steps in calling these people to order, for creating disunity and disaffection among Nigerians anywhere – be it in the north or south. This will help greatly in clearing the suspicion in our minds and will also unite us.

Let us all remember that we remain as a nation in the sense that we could solve our problems through dialogue. We must continue to talk to one another no matter what happens; it is the surest way to attaining greatness. We therefore, commend the President for providing a platform for Nigerians to articulate their views on the future of our country.

One of the outstanding features of our democracy has been the emphasis on partnership, Nation building, transformation and socio-economic development. We need to forge stronger partnerships across sectors and social divides for a better nation.

A democratically-elected government cannot escape from the responsibility to give the lead in nation-building, transforming the society and bettering the lives of the people. The calls from certain sections of Nigerian society, especially from the northern part, should not be seen as counter-productive, but as an effort to strengthen our democratic values.

We intend to open discussions with the President on many complains by segments of our society, but more importantly, create avenues to advance and address burning issues for continuing national integration. Consequently, we are not only declaring support for President Goodluck Jonathan, but we shall ensure that the interest of our people is protected in the coming years.

The challenge facing the NYF, is how various organs of civil society can co-operate to advance overall national goals of transformation and socio-economic development. We need a clean break from the past tendencies of allowing divisive sentiments in national discourse. We therefore call for partnership with all interest groups towards meaningful dialogue, in a manner that we can ensure and harmonize diverse views for progress and national unity.

I welcome you all and wish you safe journey back to your various States.

Thank you all


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