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Nigeria: Dolphin Telecom to Land U.S.$700 Million ACE Cable in Nigeria in Fourth Quarter

Dolphin Telecom, a global communications carrier and operator of the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable system in West Africa, announced yesterday at the second day of NigeriaCom conference and exhibition that it would land the $700 million submarine cable in Nigeria in the fourth quarter of this year.

The ACE cable, initiated by France Télécom-Orange and administered by a consortium of 16 operators links Europe to the West Coast of Africa through an unprecedented connectivity. Efficient and competitive, the cable system uses the most advanced high-speed broadband fiber optic technology and is a vector of social development and economic growth in Africa, reducing the digital divide.

Dolphin Telecom, with an overall investment on the ACE submarine cable of over $70 million, said the cable has full landing rights in Accra, Dakar, Lagos, Gambia and Senegal, and part of special purpose vehicles (SPVs) in Mauritania and Guinea Conakry covering 80 per cent of West African market. ACE will pass through UK, France, Portugal, Canary Islands, and have touch points in 21 African countries.

Mr Abdel Mageid Elzain, the managing director of Dolphin Telecom, said, “With our extensive global network and strong reliability, Dolphin Telecom aims to be the driving force for the business community of West Africa functioning as a catalyst in extending global reach, high quality connectivity and unsurpassed levels of reliability and uptime.”

The chief commercial officer, Dolphin Telecom, Mr Francis Okoh, said ACE submarine cable would bring seamless connectivity to Africa with massive bandwidth to ensure affordable internet access to the continent. Dolphin Telecom is the second largest investor in ACE submarine cable system. It will operate only in the wholesale market.


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